dmgen – datamatrix generator

A simple one file web app for generating 2d datamatrix “barcodes.” Either from url or text-input.

The main use is so that you can generate a list of barcode values in url get variable (bc), separated by “~” like this:



source files and build is available here:
and a functioning version hosted here:

The intended purpose of the app is so that you can send a list of barcodes to your phone (via link or generated qr-code), and then easily scan the barcodes from your phone/tablet one by one.

dmgen is written on:
zepto.js by a minimalist light weight jQuery-compatible javascript library
both under MIT licence.

Any part of the code that is not 3rd party licensed can be considered public domain or if PD does not apply at your location, MIT licence.

The whole project is ment to be contained in one HTML file, to be easy so move and host anywhere you may like. The entire code including libraries are 44kb in size, to try and ensure as fast loading as possible.

As for the aws hosted version, no data is collected, saved or handled server side. No cookies or local browser storage is utilised client side. Except for data that might be saved, handled, stored, sent or shared by aws, 3rd party libraries or any 3rd party software client side (including browser, malicious software and so on. Iow: my hands are clean, but i take no responsibility. Data security is up to you.